Informed Consent

To be able to give your consent you need to have all of the facts. One way that we get our facts is by consutlting with trusted sources. Our sources historically have been friends, family, neighbors, authorities and the news. This system usually works great but what if your sources purposfully present false information shaped by a hidden agendas? Could you still trust that your consent would represent your best interests?

Have you ever wondered if reporters and commentators actually believe what they are reporting on? Thankfully Van Jones, CNN commentator clears all of that up for us!

Please watch Project Veritas' clip below. Again we caution our viewers that some of the language in the clip might not be approiate for all viewers. 

Video footage obtained by Project Veritas shows that CNN senior producer John Bonifield knew that there was nothing to the Trump/Russia story. When pressed, Bonifield stated that CNN's interest in the Russia story was purely driven by ratings and that the emphesis on the story was directed by CNN's CEO Jeff Zuckerburg. 

Below is a link to the story. We have to caution our viewers that some of the language might not be approiate for all audiences. 

A good editor can bring out  all of he important fact in an interview so that the viewer can understand all of the facts in the shortest amount of time. But, a GREAT editor can make the story present a slanted or even opposite take on the same facts. While we don't know that CNN does that with all of their stories, below is one that should leave you with little doubt that tehey do have an agewnda anmd that is the position they are going to present facts be damned!

The footage below was obtained by Project Veritas as part of an undercover operation. The language at times can be raw so viewer discretion is advised.